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Comments from our customers

See also comments from the press

•  "Wow! What a help The Gordon Wrench is. I sent for two, kept one for myself and gave one to a neighbor. He has about every tool going, but none like this. He was pleased with it. Now, I'd like to order three more to give for gifts."
Mrs. Joyce Ingham, Horseheads, New York

•  "Your Wrench, which we display on the plumbing department shelf that contains all our angle stops, has been - and is - one of the best sellers in the location at which it is displayed. The Wrench sells itself.

"I am pleased to recommend The Wrench to every plumber and handyman who has to wrestle with a stubborn angle stop handle. The Wrench just simply does the job it was intended to do."
Ray Paquin, Manager, Plumbing Department, B & B Hardware Sales

•  "I wanted to thank you for your wonderful tool. I bought three of them from you and gave two away as gifts. I am very petite with small hands and not a lot of strength so the tool was perfect for me. One friend to whom I gave the tool said it saved him from buying 7 new valves as he was able to unstick his using your tool. Thanks, again. It's a great tool and we will tell our hardware stores about it."
Eileen Cairns, via email

•  "As a plumbing contractor I deal with many situations concerning frozen angle stops. This unique tool has aided me countless times in the opening and closing of hard-to-reach angle stops. I highly recommend this tool to all plumbing contractors, apartment owners, and anyone doing home maintenance of any type."
David Chuchian, Sable Plumbing, Los Angeles, CA

•  "This is so neat!...So basic!...So needed!"
Barbara Wagner, Taylor, MI

•  "The Gordon Tool went into my tool box 30 minutes after receiving your letter. I could see its value without reading any testimonials. In fact, I needed it, and didn't have it, just this morning when I installed a FluidMaster".
Gene Gentry,The Handyman

•  "This is the only tool that my 73-years-old arthritic hands can still use successfully."
Anita Stratton, London, ON, Canada

•  "My handyman husband; our eldest grandson (32), who has his own small construction business; and our lamentably unmechanical (but highly successful) graphics designer, were simply delighted to find your clever Wrench as one of their Christmas presents! None of them has so far needed it, but they can expect far fewer problems to stump them when they do. I may order more Wrenches for our other two, equally unhandy, sons, and the least able of all, our otherwise brilliant son-in-law."
Mrs. Elmer Harp, Jr., Hanover, NH

•  "Please send six more Gordon Wrenches. They will make great stocking stuffers for the men on my Xmas list."
Mrs. Iris E. Hohe, Oak Grove Village, IL

•  "I just couldn't live without one."
H. Lahmann, Shoreline, WA

•  "Herewith my check for a dozen of your Gordon Wrenches. I'm sure that I'll be receiving rave notices from my godchildren and other friends as soon as I can send them off and I suspect I'll be re-ordering before long.
"This is a clever, helpful implement, and I wish you every success."
Lois Tepas, Mission Viejo, CA

Comments from the press

See also comments from our customers

Mr HandyPerson (read article)

by Mark Hetts (bio - website)

...a perennial favorite, the Gordon Wrench.

Do you know those little oval-shaped handles on water shut-off valves. The ones that get just about impossible to turn after a few years, and when you try to turn them with a wrench or pliers, they often bend,crack, or even break off. Mr. HP, in his line of work, has spent a lot of time cursing those little shut-off handles.

The hardened plastic Gordon Wrench slips firmly over the handle and provides easy leverage to turn the handle by hand. When Mr. HP saw the wrench, he thought, "Now why didn't I think of that?!?" But the first time he used the wrench to open a stuck shut-off valve under his kitchen sink, he was glad Bob Gordon had already done it.

The wrenches are often hard to find in retail stores (more on this in a moment) but can be ordered directly from the company...and believe Mr. HP, your pals will appreciate this stocking stuffer, especially those with any impairment of the hands, like arthritis. Many of Mr. HP's friends got one last year, and he only heard one complaint. In some older homes, like his pal Molly Bolt's, the shut-off valve handles are round, not oval. Molly still thought it was a great tool and gave hers to a friend who was thrilled!

Now, a few brief editorial comments: Hey, Ace Hardware, Tru-Value, Orchard Supply, and other national hardware chains, what's up here? Every time Mr. HP writes about the Gordon Wrench, a few thousand people order one or more, and he gets actual fan mail from people thanking him for mentioning it. Why isn't this tool available on your shelves yet? Mr. HandyPerson just thought he'd ask. You can reach Mr. Gordon here. And should.

Detroit Free Press - Real Estate News (read article)

By Lon Grossman

They say you're never too old to learn.

Well, Bob Gordon took that expression one step further and at 77 years of age invented a new tool he calls the "Gordon Wrench."

The Gordon Wrench is an inexpensive and unique water shut-off tool. It fits over oblong handles to shut off valves under sinks, basins, toilets and tubs. Those oval, fragile handles usually are frozen in place and are nearly impossible to shut off to make repairs or in an emergency. I can't count the number of times I've skinned my knuckles or cut my fingers trying to tighten or turn those hard to reach valves.

The wrench not only prevents injury but damage to the shut-off or angle-stop handle.

It is designed to fit in tight spaces, and it is made of durable ABS plastic, so it is also rustproof.

This tool is a must for the home owner, handy person or plumber. As Bob Gordon likes to say, "Don't stay home without it."

Irvine Spectrum News (read article)

By Debbie L. Sklar. Photo by Miguel Vasconcellos.

Tim Allen of televisionís "Home Improvement" sitcom could learn a few things from Irvine inventor Robert Gordon.

The 78-year-old Gordon is the inventor and manufacturer of the Gordon Wrench, a handy tool that allows you to turn those hard-to-reach shut-off valves behind sinks and toilets. How many times have you tried to get back there, unsuccessfully?

For years, Gordon had the same problem and decided he had to do something about it after visiting a number of hardware stores that carried nothing like it. In fact, after one of his last visits, the shopkeeper told him if he wanted something like that, he should create one himself. So, he did. (read more)

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