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Purchase Information

You can purchase the Gordon Wrench directly from us if you cannot find it in a hardware or home improvement store near you.

To purchase over the internet using your credit card:
Please use the product list below and click on the quantity you want.

To purchase by mail:
1. please use the price list below to determine the total price.
2. complete the form at the bottom of this page.
3. mail the form and your check to the address at the bottom of this page.

Credit Card Purchases

U.S. Orders Only. Prices include the costs of Shipping and Handling to destinations in the United States.

PLEASE READ THIS: Our credit card handling is performed by CCNow. Your monthly statement will show a charge to "CCNow", not "The GordonWrench" or "The Gordon Tool Co., Inc."
Quantity Price (inc. S&H)
For one Wrench $12.99 Buy now
For two Wrenches $21.99 Buy now
For three Wrenches $32.99 Buy now
For four Wrenches $42.99 Buy now
For five Wrenches $53.99 Buy now
For six Wrenches $65.99 Buy now
For seven Wrenches $76.99 Buy now
For eight Wrenches $88.99 Buy now
For nine Wrenches $98.99 Buy now
For ten Wrenches $109.99 Buy now
For 11 Wrenches $121.99 Buy now
For 12 Wrenches $132.99 Buy now

For larger orders, or for non-U.S. orders, please contact us directly.

How to mail your order

Please print or copy the form below, and mail it with your check.

Please send me _____ Wrench(es). I enclose my check for $ ______ payable to The Gordon Tool Co. Inc.
Name: _____________________________________
Address: _____________________________________
City/State/Zip: _____________________________________

Make check payable to: The Gordon Tool Co., Inc.. Check must be payable in U.S. dollars.

Please mail your check and the form above to:

The Gordon Tool Co., Inc.
5919 W. Hedgehog Pl
Phoenix, AZ, 85085


Contact us at:

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